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Interplex is a pioneering multi-product company focused on serving markets requiring specialized plastics products for demanding applications. Interplex product range includes High tensile PET Straps, Co-extruded Multilayer PET Sheets for the packaging sector, Thermoformed containers from PET and other plastics, Cellulose Acetate compounds for specialized injection moulding applications such as tool handles and high end combs & Multilayer Cellulose Acetate sheets for manufacturing Spectacle Frames. Interplex has a modern plant near Vadodara with dedicated production lines incorporating state of the art processing equipments from Europe and the USA.

Interplex has been promoted in 1989 by Sunil H. Patel
(MBA U.Chicago, AB Harvard USA, OS Eton College UK ) and Dr. Hiru N. Patel (PhD Lond), one of pioneers of the Plastics Industry in India, Founder President of the Indian Plastics Institute, Past Chairman of Plexconcil, M.D of Bakelite Hylam and Director of Union Carbide India (Retd.).