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PET Straps are manufactured by the extrusion and subsequent stretching process from PET raw materials.  Based on their significantly superior characteristics, PET Straps are internationally recognized as a preferred replacement to steel straps in many applications. PET Straps are better able to absorb high shock in handling and transportation, can keep load secured more effectively, and have greater elasticity, which is a critical advantage in compensating for tension losses.

Sunstrap is the Company's brand name of high tensile PET Strap produced from carefully selected input raw materials, to exacting standards achievable due to the Company's superior technical capability, professional and systematic approach to manufacturing and continuous research and innovation.

Sunstrap is manufactured on state of the art European plant, utilizing the Company's long experience in the field of specialized extrusion. Interplex has the expertise to engineer and offer straps with properties which are optimized for a specific application. The customer is provided with technically effective and at the same time most cost efficient solution for the specific load securing application.

Sunstrap has excellent tensile and break strength, and is ideal for the most demanding applications. The customer can trust Sunstrap to provide consistent performance under critical conditions.


High retaining strength and controlled elongation due to unique properties of PET which provide excellent resistance to burst

Excellent retained tension over long period of time as well as when load is subject to movement and vibration during transportation or when load is subject to dimensional changes after securing due to settling, such as in baling application

High shock reserve allowing load to be safely secured under dynamic conditions when load shifts during transportation

Resistent to rusting allowing strap to be placed directly on product without causing staining or damage

No sharp edges making it easier and safer to handle, avoiding risk of injuries to user due to snapback when tensioning and avoiding damage to secured load due to edge cutting

Lighter weight than steel allowing for easier handling during operations and storage

Superior weather resistance

Easy to seal with Special Tools

Environmentally friendly making it easily recyclable

More economical than Steel Strap


Does not rust Protects cotton bales from staining when stored over period of time
Does not have sharp edges  Safe to handle during baling operation and handling during transportation
Does not cause sparks from rubbing against itself No danger of fire when cotton bales are handled,stacked or transported
Has lighter weight Takes less storage space and is easier to handle during strapping
Is environmentally friendly off Convenient to dispose Preferred for export packing
Saves costs Per bale cost lower, in comparison to steel straps


Sunstrap  Product No. IP CBA HT is designed for cotton baling.  This product has the optimal balance of tensile strength and elongation for cotton baling application.

This product is manufactured in rolls but is sold in standard cut lengths and bunches of 12 straps each for convenience and ease of handling during the baling operation


Break Load  kg 500
Tensile Strength kg/mm2 40 - 44
Elongation % 10 - 14