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Thermoformed - Sunpac PET Punnets

Sunpac is the brand name of Interplex Indiaís range of high quality thermoformed rigid PET packaging. Sunpac thermoformed packaging are designed keeping in mind the needs of both the end consumer as well as the packer. They have exceptional functionality for packaging combined with stacking and handling characteristics. Above all, Sunpac packaging have an aesthetic design to give the retailer the perfect visual package to promote his product to the end consumer.

Thermoformed Rigid Plastics Packaging from PET are internationally recognized as the preffered eco-friendly recyclable concept for packaging of Fruits, Food and Fresh produce. This is due to their superior aesthetics, rigidity and strength and cold temperature performance. They are manufactured by a two stage process. In the first stage plastic is extruded into sheet and in the second stage the sheet is heated and formed into rigid containers in a mould in an automatic continuous process. The mould can be designed to required shape and size to suit the product to be packed.


Packing of grapes, cherries, strawberries and other soft fruit, which can be transported and stored through the cold chain at temp of minus 20o C and finally displayed directly on the retailerís refrigerated shelf.

Download Sunpac Punnets 301209 Brochure

Download Sunpac Punnets 080310 Brochure